Digital cameras-SONY A9

The best digital cameras-SONY A9

From DSLRs to mirrorless, these are the best cameras you can buy right now

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Digital cameras-SONY A9
In today’s crowded market, there is no shortage of great cameras. From entry-level models to full-frame flagships, you’ll be hard pressed to find a camera in your price point that doesn’t take fantastic stills and video. Still, there will always be those that stand out above the rest, that help push the industry forward with innovative sensors, improved usability, or simply by offering a great combination of features at an affordable price. And 2018 promises a wealth of change.

We’ve previously looked at the best point-and-shoot cameras and the best DSLRs for beginners, but it’s time now to look at the best digital cameras you can buy overall. These are the models trying new things, leading the charge, and paving the road on which future cameras will follow. In addition to our overall winner, we’ve selected four alternates that each stand out in their respective areas of expertise.

The best

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Digital cameras-SONY A9

Why should you buy this: Outstanding speed, zero-blackout continuous shooting, 4K video.

Who’s it for: Professionals and enthusiasts who want the latest tech and best performance.

How much will it cost: $4,499 (body only)

Why we picked the Sony A9:Sony A9

In our hands-on Sony A9 review, we called it an “awesome example of where camera technology is headed.” Since its first mirrorless camera, Sony has always been on the cutting edge of imaging tech, and that’s why the Sony A9 is our pick for best digital camera overall.

To be sure, the Sony A9 is not the camera for everyone, especially at a price of $4,500. Its key selling points are features that will matter most to sports and action photographers, but it pushes so far beyond the status quo of mirrorless cameras in this regard that everyone will be paying close attention to it. The sensor is a newly developed 24-megapixel unit built using a “stacked” CMOS design, the first for a full-frame camera (albeit not the first in general — the RX100 Mark V uses a 1-inch stacked sensor). Thanks to this design, the Sony A9 can read out data 20 times faster than the A7 II, which also uses a 24MP sensor.

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Digital cameras-SONY A9

So what does that readout speed translate too in the real world? Full-resolution RAW images at 20 frames per second (fps). That’s faster than the Nikon D5 and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, both of which are workhorse cameras for professional sports shooters, despite the fact that the A9 has a 4MP advantage over them.

Of course, speed without accuracy is meaningless, which is why the Sony A9 is graced with a 693-point phase-detection autofocus system that covers more than 90 percent of the frame. At least on paper, this is a significant improvement both over Sony’s A7 series and basically every other camera in existence. And in experience, we certainly found nothing to complain about.

Complementing the high speed shooting is an electronic shutter with a fastest speed of 1/32,000 of a second. It’s designed to minimize the jello-cam effect, and also allows the Sony A9 to shoot completely silently. But that’s not all: With the electronic shutter engaged, the camera can shoot at 20 fps with no viewfinder blackout between frames. That means photographers trying to track high-speed subjects won’t lose sight of their targets for even a split second.

Again, most photographers won’t need what the Sony A9 is offering, but it is a technical powerhouse and a true achievement in photographic innovation that can’t be ignored. It’s the type of camera we’re lucky to see once in a decade.



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