Xiaomi Mi 6 review: A would-be powerhouse limited by its lackluster software

Xiaomi Mi 6 review
Xiaomi Mi 6 review

has a fascinating history that I suggest you read up on in the event that you don't definitely know it. The organization, while known to generally devotees here in the States, has an enormous nearness in its country China, and in addition India and different parts of Southeast Asia. Notwithstanding a general decrease in size and impact in the previous year or two, Xiaomi keeps on pushing the envelope of moderate, highlight stuffed telephones. The Mi line speaks to the best that the producer brings to the table. For 2017, Xiaomi has made the Mi 6, a little telephone brimming with the most recent and most prominent specs.

As you will see beneath, the Mi 6 resembles a powerhouse on paper. Tragically, the stale, old MIUI 8 programming truly hamstrings the telephone. Not exclusively does it keep the Mi 6 away from being a stellar gadget, yet it doesn't fit with the telephone's general outline and stylish. It feels totally obsolete.

So here we go on yet another well-known story. 


Display5.15” IPS LCD; 428 ppi
SoftwareAndroid 7.1.1; MIUI 8
CPUSnapdragon 835
GPUAdreno 540
CamerasDual 12MP, OIS rear; 8MP front
Battery3,350mAh; Quick Charge 3.0
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band; Bluetooth 5.0; LTE bands 1/3/5/7/8/38/39/40/41
MiscUSB Type-C 1.0, fingerprint sensor
Measurements145.2 x 70.5 x 7.5 mm; 168/182 g
ColorsCeramic Black, Black, Blue, Silver


Battery lifeWith a massive cell and the MIUI optimizations, the Mi 6 is an absolute champ in terms of battery life.
CameraXiaomi did a pretty good job with the camera for the Mi 6. Coming from the Mi Note 2, the previous flagship, there was a lot of improvement that I saw here.
ErgonomicsThe Mi 6 is just plain comfortable to hold. It’s heavy and dense, but it fits nicely in my hands. And despite it being a glossy, fingerprint magnet, I found that I was able to grip it quite well.


SoftwareMIUI 8 is boring, stale, and in desperate need of a refresh at this point. Despite being updated to a Nougat base (versus Marshmallow on the Mi Note 2), it feels behind — even when compared to what LG and Samsung are doing with their software. It's also missing some Nougat features like bundled notifications and multi-window.
Headphone jackI will continue to rail on phones that drop this. In my time with the phone, I came across several instances where I needed the 3.5mm port and didn’t have the USB-C adapter. Leaving this off of the phone was a stupid decision.
BluetoothThe Bluetooth performance of the Mi 6 is absolutely awful. Smartwatches repeatedly disconnect (Wear and Gear S3) and headsets/speakers won't pair or lose connection during playback.
Fingerprint sensorI have two issues with the fingerprint sensor on the Mi 6. The first is that it is not as accurate as others – it actually refused to read my thumbs initially, likely due to my callouses. The second is that it is set so deep into the front face of the phone that it's difficult to align my thumbs properly. I chose not to use it.
Capactive keysEven Samsung has done away with these. It's time for Xiaomi and its ilk to do the same.

Xiaomi Mi 6 review

I need to acknowledge a job well done: the Mi 6 is an incredible looker from the back. It is, by a long shot, Xiaomi's most pleasant looking gadget yet with its smaller body, unpretentious bends, and smooth wrap up. Also, with regards to the Mi custom, Xiaomi left the 6 little this year. On account of the route the back glass merges into the hardened steel outline, it's a super agreeable telephone to hold and utilize. The reflexive, intelligent back surely pulls in fingerprints and gets terrible truly speedy, however. The Mi 6 can likewise be somewhat elusive now and again — it gets a kick out of the chance to slide off work areas, tables, or some other impeccably level surface.

I got the plain dark unit to audit, which helps me to remember both LG's dim complete on the G6 and Apple's Jet Black shading on the later iPhones. The majority of that to state, it looks pleasant until the point when you contact it. The front of the telephone is a plain dark face, with just the unique mark sensor and capacitive keys (when lit up) underneath the 5.15" screen to split it up; you can scarcely observe the front camera, earpiece, and sensors at the best as a rule. Along the back, you'll locate the double camera module, streak, and the Xiaomi logo (and applicable data) close to the base. Over on the correct side of the gleaming edge is the volume rocker, which sits ideal over the power catch — a setup that I've never been enamored with. Neither of those can rest easy, with the rocker feeling sticky and the power catch like there isn't sufficient travel separation to try and snap (they're likewise difficult to see). On the opposite end is nothing however the SIM plate. In conclusion, the USB-C port and speaker sit along the base.

In that little voyage through the Mi 6, you will probably have seen that I neglected to specify the area of the 3.5mm earphone jack. All things considered, Xiaomi concluded that it is best to leave that off of the current year's Mi telephone. The reason is impossible to say, however I have my own (uncertain) speculation which I won't share here. In any case, this is the primary choice made here that is a genuine killjoy. In my chance with the Mi 6, I can review various occasions when I needed to utilize a 3.5mm link, however I didn't have the included USB-C connector. Regardless of whether you concur that it's the ideal opportunity for the revered sound port to be put to rest, a ton of the world isn't prepared yet. Bluetooth gadgets/associations are not as promptly accessible or solid as one may wish.

My last real complain with the Mi 6 remotely is the unique mark sensor. It's not as snappy as something from Google, Huawei, or OnePlus, nor is it almost as precise. To place this into point of view, the telephone would decay to acknowledge both of my thumbprints at setup. It required a long investment to get even one of my thumbs enrolled. Presently, I understand that my hands and fingers are loaded with callouses and scars, which tend to divert from a few sensors, yet I've never had this a lot of an issue previously. Additionally, Xiaomi chose to break the unique mark peruser profound into the base bezel, which made setup and real utilization of it significantly more troublesome (I have thick fingers). At last, I advised the unique mark sensor to turf off.

So here we go on yet another well-known story. 


Display 5.15" IPS LCD; 428 ppi

Programming Android 7.1.1; MIUI 8

CPU Snapdragon 835

GPU Adreno 540

Smash 6GB

Storage 64GB/128GB

Cameras Dual 12MP, OIS raise; 8MP front

Battery 3,350mAh; Quick Charge 3.0

Availability Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/air conditioning, double band; Bluetooth 5.0; LTE groups 1/3/5/7/8/38/39/40/41

Misc USB Type-C 1.0, unique mark sensor

Measurements 145.2 x 70.5 x 7.5 mm; 168/182 g

Colors Ceramic Black, Black, Blue, Silver


Battery existence With a gigantic cell and the MIUI improvements, the Mi 6 is a flat out champ as far as battery life.

Camera Xiaomi completed a quite great job with the camera for the Mi 6. Originating from the Mi Note 2, the past lead, there was a great deal of change that I saw here.

Ergonomics The Mi 6 is outright agreeable to hold. It's overwhelming and thick, however it fits pleasantly in my grasp. Furthermore, in spite of it being a shiny, unique mark magnet, I found that I could grasp it great.


Xiaomi Mi 6 review: 

Programming MIUI 8 is exhausting, stale, and in urgent need of a revive now. Regardless of being refreshed to a Nougat construct (versus Marshmallow in light of the Mi Note 2), it feels behind — notwithstanding when contrasted with what LG and Samsung are doing with their product. It's additionally missing some Nougat highlights like packaged warnings and multi-window.

Earphone jack I will keep on railing on telephones that drop this. In my chance with the telephone, I went over a few examples where I required the 3.5mm port and didn't have the USB-C connector. Leaving this off of the telephone was an idiotic choice.

Bluetooth The Bluetooth execution of the Mi 6 is totally dreadful. Smartwatches over and over disengage (Wear and Gear S3) and headsets/speakers won't match or lose association amid playback.

Unique finger impression sensor I have two issues with the unique mark sensor on the Mi 6. The first is that it isn't as exact as others – it really declined to peruse my thumbs at first, likely due to my callouses. The second is that it is set so profound into the front face of the telephone that it's hard to adjust my thumbs legitimately. I picked not to utilize it.

Capactive keys Even Samsung has discarded these. It's the ideal opportunity for Xiaomi and its kind to do likewise.


Xiaomi Mi 6 review:

I need to recognize a job well done: the Mi 6 is a remarkable looker from the back. It is, by a long shot, Xiaomi's most pleasant looking gadget yet with its conservative body, unobtrusive bends, and smooth wrap up. What's more, with regards to the Mi custom, Xiaomi left the 6 little this year. On account of the path the back glass merges into the tempered steel outline, it's a super agreeable telephone to hold and utilize. The gleaming, intelligent back surely draws in fingerprints and gets awful truly brisk, however. The Mi 6 can likewise be somewhat elusive now and again — it jumps at the chance to slide off work areas, tables, or some other superbly level surface.

I got the plain dark unit to survey, which helps me to remember both LG's dim complete on the G6 and Apple's Jet Black shading on the later iPhones. The majority of that to state, it looks pleasant until the point that you contact it. The front of the telephone is a plain dark face, with just the unique finger impression.



Xiaomi has not made its name with extraordinary presentations; the last time the organization was lauded for something screen-related was the Mi Mix. So when I moved toward the Mi 6 and my notes for composing this area, I didn't expect anything superb. As well as can be expected say of the 5.15" 1080p IPS LCD show is that it's satisfactory. There's nothing to genuinely whine about, in essence, however there is unquestionably nothing to recognize or laud. The Mi 6's screen takes care of business

I am not irritated by the decision to run with a FHD determination. At 5.15" askew, the pixels are crushed together making for a pleasant thickness (428 ppi). Whatever remains of the screen itself is fair; it doesn't get as splendid as I might want outside nor very diminish enough for evening utilize (an issue I have with a great deal of LCD shows, even the one on the G6). The hues have a washed out look to them more often than not and the default alignment inclines more toward the hotter side, so blues particularly endure. So far, the alternatives you're given in the settings do next to no to address these issues. That is to say, pushing the slider toward Cool in the settings assists with a portion of the blues looking dreadful.

Be that as it may, the review edges are amazing on the Mi 6, which I would expect for a lead in 2017. At no time did I see light drain or any holes. It's solitary when your look is marginally short of consummately parallel do you begin seeing some strangeness, and in case you're utilizing this telephone that way, you have different issues to address. MIUI likewise accompanies a programmed blue light channel for evening time, if that is your thing (it's one of mine).

In general, I don't detest the Mi 6's show, however nor do I cherish it. Like I stated, it takes care of business. I am not saying that a telephone this size needs a higher determination — it's bounty fresh as it is — however I feel that the backdrop illumination is missing and needs work. The open air execution was additionally truly woeful (versus some different telephones I've utilized as of late which were bounty usable in the sun).


Xiaomi Mi 6 review

Sound execution on the Mi 6 was what I anticipated. The base terminating speaker gets really boisterous with the normal bending at high volume. Bass is totally missing — once more, of course. Bluetooth 5.0 shows up in this telephone, yet I don't have any extras that could exploit the higher transmission capacity. Too bad.

Since the telephone does not have a 3.5mm jack, I needed to utilize the included USB-C connector to test sound with wired earphones. I didn't leave away baffled (like I have with past telephones). The sound execution on the Mi 6 is great. It will do you well should you utilize it as your exercise center media player or whatnot.

Execution and battery life 

The Mi 6 is the genuine article with regards to crude execution. The Snapdragon 835 is a great SoC, particularly when put to appropriate utilize. Notwithstanding, for this situation, the benchmark numbers are very amazing, however the general client encounter has felt controlled amid my opportunity with the Mi 6. I'll clarify what I mean.

Xiaomi, among other Chinese OEMs, is famous for actualizing hyper-forceful RAM administration in its product. So despite the fact that there's 6GB in this telephone, the OS scarcely utilizes 3GB preceding it begins dumping applications from memory — including outsider launchers like Nova and Action. Indeed, even in the wake of crippling a great deal of the "MIUI enhancements," the greater part of the RAM is dismissed. There are horde of issues with MIUI, which I will examine in its own area beneath, yet this one specifically influences execution. This is the thing that I implied when I said the UX feels controlled — there's a ton of inert capacity to be had here, yet Xiaomi has picked to shackle it. For correlation, I've encountered considerably more steady and here and there better execution on the LG G6 that I'm as of now utilizing. Maybe some fix down the line, or possibly MIUI 9, will enhance the RAM administration and the general sentiment of being kept down.

However, when it's staying under control, the Mi 6 is bursting quick. Like the OnePlus 5, it does not have the rich smoothness of the Pixel, however it compensates for that with sheer speed. There is not really any slack or stammer and livelinesss are exceptionally liquid. The Adreno 540 GPU is stellar for gaming, particularly at 1080p, and withstood anything I tossed at it.

One of Xiaomi's long-lasting qualities has been battery life. Each Mi telephone that I've utilized as a part of ongoing years has been a champ with regards to life span. With my typical utilization, I could press around two days out of the Mi 6 with roughly eight long stretches of screen-on-time (at 50-60% splendor inside). While its 3,350mAh cell positively encourages, it is surely knew that the MIUI clowning around helps battery life essentially.


Xiaomi Mi 6 review

In sufficiently bright conditions, particularly outside, the Mi 6 takes great pictures. Shading generation is exact, the white adjust is truly great in auto mode, and none of my shots turned out with presentation issues. A large portion of Xiaomi's cameras in the most recent year or two have done well with appropriate light... as any great camera should. Low-light execution is likewise not too bad on the back cameras — the front one is an alternate story.

The real camera UI is genuinely straightforward. At first, you're given the viewfinder and the blaze settings, Portrait Mode, and HDR flip up best (or left). Along the base is the shade catch, the camera selector, channels, shooting modes, capturing/recording flip, camera switcher, and exhibition watcher. So as to get to the settings, you have to go into the mode selector and tap the rigging symbol up top. It took me a short time to discover it, which was bothering. In that menu, you will locate an entire group of things to disturb. I prescribe handicapping the watermark, else you will see "Shot on Mi 6 double camera" in your photographs (you can see some beneath).

My impression of the Mi 6's camera is that it's a strong shooter. The normal customer will be exceptionally satisfied with the outside execution (in the event that they can see the damn screen) and notwithstanding getting a speedy photograph around evening time will probably go superior to anything past Mi telephones. Is it the be-all-end-all of cameras? No, however it beyond any doubt completes a great job, particularly in this value section.


While the equipment and execution of the Mi 6 are both modestly positive, the product is another story. On the off chance that you will review, when I checked on the Mi Note 2 in February, I was not hard on MIUI 8. While the Marshmallow construct was not perfect with respect to that telephone, the product encounter didn't appear to be excessively negative. Also, in contrast with other organizations' "skins," MIUI still isn't too awful. In any case, not at all like the odd one out of the past, as TouchWiz and EMUI, MIUI has not changed. By any means.

On the Mi 6, the Android form underneath has been refreshed to Nougat 7.1.1, which is about as well as can be expected say. The notice issues, Bluetooth network unwavering quality (rather, the scarcity in that department), and power-sparing measures are still here and monstrous as ever (they appeared on the Mi Note 2 soon after that survey was distributed). They meddle with ease of use, now and then seriously, and make unquestionably issues then they "settle." I locate that a large number of the choices are simply inept, for example, not enabling applications to be exempted from the power-sparing stuff (e.g. Android Wear, Pushbullet, Tasker); regardless of whether you advise the OS to disregard those applications for battery enhancement, you will discover them back in the "Not Optimized" list in the wake of clearing the settings from the recents menu or rebooting.

Like with the Mi Note 2, my Mi 6 survey unit defaults to the MIUI 8 worldwide beta week by week manufactures. While refreshes don't, truth be told, happen each week, they are as yet visit enough — and the majority of the changelogs basically state "Settled a few bugs." Android adaptation knocks are typically moderate originating from Xiaomi, yet month to month security patches and such are visit.

Programming configuration has turned out to be imperative lately. It bodes well, truly; who needs to take a gander at an appalling interface a few times each day? It's a tremendous bummer, however MIUI looks and feels very stale and dull now. Indeed, even Huawei's EMUI looks fresher and cleaner than any time in recent memory, yet MIUI shows up an indistinguishable now from it completed multi year back.

Utilizing the Mi 6 is exhausting, for the most part due to the unimaginative, deadened programming plan. This sentiment of obsoleteness endures through each level of MIUI.

The greater part of the customization choices are still here, clearly. One of my most loved little contacts is the climate in the warning shade. It's straightforward and fairly immaterial in the fantastic plan of things, yet it's the little stuff that matters. The header shading additionally changes relying upon the season of day and conditions. You can likewise pick the request of the capacitive keys, regardless of whether you need the ordinary or Samsung (wrong) way. Different staples like Second Space (which enables you to make a second case of an application for login purposes), App Lock, and the "battery issues examination" are largely present. What's more, truly, the stock launcher still does not have an application cabinet.

Notices remain a staying point for MIUI. They don't function admirably by any stretch of the imagination. Despite the fact that it's presently in light of Nougat, the product won't let you extend notices in the shade or on the lockscreen, the application symbols for every notice keep on cluttering the status bar, and Nougat's packaged warning enchantment is clearly absent. To put it plainly, this piece of MIUI is a wreck simply like it was an a while prior (and when it depended on Marshmallow). Periodically, warnings won't come through as a result of the frightful battery sparing measures — such circumstances expect you to go into the application you need (like Gmail, Slack, and so forth.), which at last triggers the missing notices. When you depend on the relative unwavering quality of new messages pushing through when they arrive, this conduct is extremely inadmissible.

Bluetooth is another spot where MIUI fails. Both of my Android Wear gadgets and my Gear S3 Classic over and over separated; every one of my Bluetooth headsets and speakers would either neglect to match or drop association amid playback. The last makes the absence of a 3.5mm jack all the more difficult (particularly since I.)



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